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Flea and tick bites can transmit many diseases, including:

  • From ticks – Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasma, and Babesia
  • From fleas – Feline infectious anemia; ingestion of fleas can cause pets to develop tapeworms

Choosing the Right Prevention

Flea and tick prevention is a concern for any pet owner, and store shelves are filled with many over-the-counter (OTC) medications. However, most pet owners don’t realize that due to overuse, fleas and ticks have built immunity to the basic OTC treatments available today. Many commercials and advertisements would have you would think that purchasing these OTC medications will save money. However, there is no more expensive – and frustrating – treatment than an ineffective one.

Community Pet Hospital offers proven products and medications that are exclusive to veterinarians. 

Oral vs. Topical Prevention

Another factor to consider when choosing a flea and tick prevention method is oral versus topical treatments. If topical flea control application is a concern, we favor oral medications, as you can be confident the entire dose has made it into your pet’s system. Topical treatments must be applied correctly at home and can be licked off or disturbed, which can cause them to be less effective. We find pills to be to be very safe for your pet and your family as well.

Please feel free to consult the veterinary staff at Community Pet Hospital regarding your pet’s flea and tick prevention plan. We will help you to determine the safest, most effective treatment to keep your pets comfortable and pest-free.

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